Month: May 2009

Thai Seasoning

2 parts dried lemongrass 2 parts dried lemon peel 1 part Chinese 5 spice powder 1/2 part salt 1/2 part garlic powder These proportions are approximate.  A “part” could be a teaspoon, tablespoon or other measurement. Please, feel free to play with this one. Other recipes for classic Thai flavors include these ingredients as well …

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Curry Powder

coriander cumin fenugreek tumeric You can also add: ginger garlic fennel cinnamon clove mustard cardamom (green or black) mace nutmeg pepper (red, black or white) Traditionally each and every cook had her (or his) own variation of this mixture. If you’re used to the standardized flavor of curry powder, you’re probably expecting those first four …

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Chinese 5 Spice

The 5 basic spices in Chinese 5 Spice seasoning are: fennel cloves cinnamon anise peppercorns ginger (optional) nutmeg (optional) An astute individual will note that there are 7 spices there. Like many traditional recipes, these were combined in a unique manner by each and every cook who hand blended them for their families. Much depends …

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